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What Does 'Litsl' stand for?

Litsl, pronounced 'Lizzle' (even 'Liz' once, thankfully it didn't stick), is my nickname which stands for 'Life in the slow lane'. When I'm out to impress I tell people that this is because I'm a little slow when I'm rock climbing, especially on the dodgey sections and this is where the name came from. Whilst this is certainly true, I am no great climber and am not known for rapid progress on rock or ice, the real truth is that I'm a bit of a ponderer and as this is quite a positive, type B, side to my personality, I'm (now) happy to acknowledge it!

None of the above explains that Litsl is really Carl Myhill, a user interface designer, swimmer and environmentalist.

What is the point of aims to share any kind of information I have struggled to find elsewhere on the internet (and elsewhere) and to provide a parking place for all my stuff. You'll notice that my main interests are the environment and design.

Why are there so many references to Cambridge on this site?

Particularly for environmental stuff on this site, what little I know, centres around where I live. So, I'd rather share those specifics than enter into speculation about what happens elsewhere.

Why are there links to Amazon all over this site?

As a User Interface Designer I am continually flabberghasted by the amount of bad design there is out there. Few companies seem to have got it right. Amazon however has done a good job of designing the whole user experience and they have a pretty successful business out of it. I'm therefore personally very impressed with amazon, so they get my support.

From the point of view of, Amazon provides a neat way for me show pictures and links to the books or games I am talking about. Although I do this for convenience, you should know that if you buy anything I've recommended from Amazon, after following a link from my site, I will get something out of it (gift tokens) as I am an Amazon Associate. My current projection is that I will earn 0.00 in gift vouchers from this but I thought I should front up and be honest about it!

There is a fairly serious boycott against Amazon set up by those open source GNU folks. The reason for the boycott is that Amazon have a patent on One Click ordering on the internet which prevents other companies using what they claim is an obvious development of the web and in patenting it, Amazon are attacking the Web and e-commerce in general. I'm not boycotting because I spend my life trying to get people to take usability seriously and Amazon deserve much credit because they saw the light very early on. So, whilst I also frown on software patents standing in the way of free trade, in this instance my design conscience wins.

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Updated 3rd May 2003