Poor Customer Service Exposed: Magnet's Lindman Doors[2]

Magnet (www.magnet.co.uk, RBR House, Hawsworth Road, Central Park, Telford TF2 9TU. Telephone: 01952 281933

Lindman Ltd (www.lindman.co.uk), Tower Lane, Warmley, Bristol, BS30 8XT Tel: 0117 961 0900 Fax: 0117 961 0901

When I needed to replace my front door I did quite a thorough bit of research to find a good environmental option. I choose a Jeld-Wen door but unfortunately they were unable to get one with appropriate side panels to fit my door. So I ended up at Magnet, who has a very impressively insulated steel door from Lindman, who could also supply the right side panels and a door frame with a 10 year guarantee. The eco-credentials of the door are great, fantastic insulation and being made of steel the whole lot will be recyclable at the end of its life.

So, I went ahead and ordered the door from Magnet and advised by my builder, I ensured the door and frame were factory finished so he would not have lots of messing around to do on site.

Around 6 months later I was very surprised to see signs of severe weathering on the door frame. The door is exposed to wind and rain but I only live in Cambridge, not Scotland! Being a bit forgetful I rang the Jeld-Wen technical support (thinking I had purchased the door from them) and they were very surprised to hear of a weathered door frame, they guarantee the frame treatment for 6 years. When they asked me where I got the door and I told them from Magnet, they politely told me it wasn't one of their doors. So, instead I rang Magnet who rang Lindman on my behalf. Apparently Lindman do not guarantee the wood treatment on their door frames at all but the latest news is that they are prepared to send me a "remedial package" whatever that means.

Anyhow, you decide for yourself, would you expect a door costing over 1,000 to look like this after 6 months? In the same position again I would probably feel happier with the Jeld-Wen guarantees than the Lindman "Remedial Package".

[Update: 3rd April 2005] Lindman have just advised me, via their solicitor, Patrick Duggan, that the order form they received from Magnet, which the Magnet staff completed on my behalf, and which I indeed signed, had the 'frame finish' section left blank. Although I made it clear to Magnet that I wanted to ensure the door was totally pre-finished, following instructions from my builder, it seems that leaving blank this part of the order form did not, as I might have expected, ensure that any default weatherproof finish was applied to the door frame. Therefore, the fault with the Lindman door frame may be attributed to its incorrect specification. However, Magnet, who have been in touch with Lindman over this issue, informed me that Lindman are unable to get a guarantee on their frame finish from their suppliers. This is why Lindman do not guarantee their frame finishes for 6 years as Jeld-wen do. Furthermore, Magnet have previously told me that in this case, Lindman have offered a "remedial package" in respect of my weathered door frame. Recently Magnet told me Lindman would deal with me directly over this matter, so expecting more details of the "remedial package" I had heard of, I was somewhat surprised to instead receive a solicitor's letter asking me to remove this website and no details of the previously mentioned remedy.

Magnet's Lindman Door frame after 6 months

My Magnet Supplied Lindman
Door after 6 months

Magnet's Lindman Door Step detail after 6 months

My Magnet Supplied Lindman Door after
6 months, Door Step Detail

Magnet's Lindman Door, Inside Close Up

My Magnet Supplied Lindman Door after
6 months, Inside Close-Up for comparison

Magnet's Lindman Door, Outside Close Up

My Magnet Supplied Lindman Door after
6 months, Outside Close-Up