Poor Customer Service Exposed: Worldwide Movers Ltd, New Zealand (NZ) International Shipping Company[2]

Worldwide Movers Ltd, International Shipping Company, 5308 Sawyers Arms Road, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ). Proprieter: Phil Faulkner.

In December 2004 I was moving back to the UK from Christchurch in New Zealand and needed to ship a couple of bikes and a couple of boxes home. Worldwide Movers Ltd seemed like a helpful bunch with a reasonable price ($620) so I went with them.

My belongings were put into a shared container with 31 other people's stuff and shipped to an import company in London. My stuff is currently sitting in storage with the London import company who have not yet been paid by Worldwide Movers Ltd of NZ, and so will not release it. Over the last 3 weeks the import company has been requesting payment from Worldwide Movers Ltd and none has yet been forthcoming. The individuals expecting their shipments have now begun to get concerned and have been phoning Phil Faulkner regularly. We constantly hear the same thing, "my accountant has been away but he will pay the money in within the next 2 days". This has been going on some time now and it looks like we may need to take legal proceedings in NZ in order to get our belongings back.

If you are shipping personal belongings or freight from New Zealand to the UK I wouldn't recommend Worldwide Movers Ltd of Christchurch.