Contacting Roy Funch, Lencois, Brazil [2]

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of spending a week in Lencois, Brazil in the Chapada Diamantina National Park. What a great place with some amazing geology which has coincidentally created some excellent swimming holes and waterfalls all over the place, with nice clean water to swim in (the geology is also great for finding diamonds, though we didn't find any). I will talk more about the place in my blog a bit later. This website entry is really intended to let people know how to contact Roy Funch since many websites list old email addresses for him. Roy Funch is a Biologist, Geologist, Guide, Writer, Translator and Craftsman who moved to this part of Brazil in 1978. I first found out about Roy when I bought his book in Lencois entitled "A Visitor's Guide to the Chapada Diamantina Mountains" which is excellent, and he has co-written another which is just out, a field guide to the area. Later, whilst reading the Lonely Planet guide to Brazil (which is very good in itself) I noticed that Roy was listed as one of the best local guides in the area. Though our Lonely Planet was out of date I called Roy and was thrilled to find him free to do a bit of guiding for us to explain to us some of the interesting rock formations, flora and fauna of the area (not to mention finding out a bit more about the history of diamond mining in the area, about which Roy must be the world expert, since this is a keen interest and he has spent a lot of time with the old local miners. We had a great time with Roy, particularly enjoying his depth of knowledge as well as his sense of fun - we ended up at a great watery rock slide which you can descend on your backside. A final point of interest is that the price for hiring Roy for the day is actually less than hiring some of the other far less experienced local guides - much cheaper than you may imagine.

So, if you want an interesting trip in a beautiful and quiet spot in the Bahia region of North East Brazil, here's how you can contact Roy Funch:


Fundacao Chapada Diamantina
Rua Pe De Ladeira 212

Telephone: 0 21 75 3334 1305 (from outside Brazil call +55 75 3334 1305)