What's New? [2]

I'm currently living near Lake Tahoe in Nevada, doing a User Experience Design "bubble assignment" for GE and writing about some of my little adventures in my 'bubble in the desert' blog bubbleinthedesert.blogspot.com (though I skip some of the embarassing stuff like day-dreaming too much on the running machine in the gymn at work and falling off it (yesterday). Actually I'm really enjoying being out here and am very pleased to have some new like-minded mates.

In geek terms, outside work I have lots of plans for this website and little time. I'm keen to add an environment section, a website technical section (about various things from simple SEO to embedding blogger content on your webpage), write up some of my more interesting holidays (including finishing my kiwiwinter blog from last year (kiwiwinter.blogspot.com; writing up my end-to-end cycle ride; a few notes about El Picos De Europa and that sort of thing). I also have an idea for a User Experience blog, actually lots of ideas on that one.

I'm still doing the impington swimming club website and recently added a couple of new features like content from blogger on the homepage allowing selected people to edit that very easily; and also the use of .php include files to structure things more neatly. I produced another site for Arbury Community Centre and put a good deal of effort into making sure the main page could be edited by blogger so they could easily update it themselves. Curiously, they don't seem to do anything with the site and I've had little thanks for my trouble, so perhaps I need to be more careful which charities I donate my time to in future.